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More About Colclo

  • We Listen
    First and foremost, it's about understanding what you want and need. We take the time to meet with you and ensure that we have that understanding before the work proceeds.

  • We Design
    We have the skill and experience to build custom designs. We don't work from a catalog. We can however, provide you with many examples and advice based on our years of experience.

  • We Built
    Our Markham facility has the people and the equipment to build top quality products every time.

  • We Deliver and Install
    Part of our end-to-end service is arranging delivery to wherever you are and then being there to do an efficient and effective installation.

  • We Follow-Up
    You have our commitment to ensure that it's right and to follow-up to ensure that you are satisfied.








The Environment

Colclo is doing its part to respect the environment. Over the past 10 years, the environment has been a growing issue in the Woodworking Industry. Now, the reality is that we all must take action.


At Colclo, we have always ordered the very best materials available in terms of raw lumber grade, MDF board, plywood and particle board. It is the best to work with, the best for spray finishing and the best product for the environment, our employees and our clients. The boards we use as our standard product have been chosen for their positive impact upon the environment. Formaldehyde has long been used as a component in many lumber products but today, the option of going formaldehyde-free is completely available upon request.


In terms of raw lumber we keep stock for small quantities of solid poplar and maple for paint and stain grade material only because they are the most popular and plentiful hard woods in our area. We work with all types of wood but; when faced with a task that requires an exotic species, we always investigate the best route to take for both wood yield and the possibility of substituting new reconstituted material. "Waste" exotic wood can be reconstituted into boards that, for most species of exotic wood, look fantastic.This reduces the pressure on the forests that supply these woods.


We take the same care in our finishing department by only using products that have the highest quality and durability that are VOC (volatile organic compound) and HAPS (hazardous air pollution standards) compliant. Our Customers also have the option of requesting water-based finishes.


We dispose of all chemicals used in our finishing booth in the safest possible manner. We use a Company for this which is  documented, numbered and registered in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment.


Colclo has always done its very best to order only the materials that it really needs. We keep our waste to an absolute minimum while still producing custom, sustainable cabinetry. We pride ourselves on responsible manufacturing and business practices to provide you with the very best possible products.